For information about Bake It Big, please click here. 

 Higher-Beings Higher Beings Stilt Walkers
Providing Stilt Walking Characters and make costumes for all occasions. Spot them wandering around the show – they’ll be with us all day!
Olivants Equine Displays – Sponsored by Rothschild Foundation
One of the major spectacles this year at the Bowood Charity Dog Show & Summer Fair is ‘Big & Little’ – Magpie and Billy the identical duo, whose only difference is their size, bring sparkle and razzmatazz wherever they go with their hilarious liberty display that has both children and adults alike in stitches.The infamous double act perform a plethora of entertaining tricks from sitting down to bowing, delighting audiences with their irresistible cheek and charm up and down the country together for many years.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Falconry – Sponsored by Giles and Ann Currie and ‘Crofty’ the Guide Dog
The wonderful birds of prey will be on perches in their own ring, down by the lake for an up close view.They will be flown twice to provide a thrilling display of their speed and accuracy.  The original flying machines!
 Essex Dog Display – Sponsored by Dixon Wilson
Britain’s longest established and leading dog display team leave nothing to chance when it comes to giving the audience an outstanding display with a truly unique and fascinating commentary.
Dance-workshop Fitzgraham Academy of Dance – Sponsored by Lord Killearn
Students of Fitzgraham Academy of Dance will be showcasing their talents on the dance stage for your entertainment!
Dance showcase 12.30pm-1pm and again at 3.30pm-4pm

Followed by a variety of workshops for children of all ages to join in and have some fun.

Ballet approx age 3-7 yrs 15 mins @ 1pm-1.15pm & 4pm-4.15pm

Jazz approx age 8 yrs + 15 mins @ 1.15pm-1.30pm & 4.15pm-4.30pm

Thérèse & Temujin
Back at this year’s Bowood Charity Dog Show & Summer Fair, by popular request, is Thérèse, the Bactrian camel, with her friend, Temujin. Thérèse was born in Ireland where her parents were with the Chipperfield Circus.  Thérèse is a very friendly, curious and intelligent Bactrian (two humps) camel who demands to be the centre of attention at all times. She eats copious amounts of carrots – if she doesn’t, her humps fall over.Temujin is nine years old, his grandparents came from Russia and he was born at Martin Lacey’s Great British Circus where he has performed from a youngster.  He has appeared on the stage in pantomimes and been in parades in major British cities.  In 2012 he left the circus and joined Thérèse in Wiltshire.  From first sight, he became enamoured of her but wooed her with tact and diplomacy.  After a long courtship (by camel standards) he won her heart and the two have become very close and enjoy a rewarding friendship.  They have appeared in public as a couple; they have been in Hello! and made their debut in London together on the stage of the Royal Opera House.-
 Greatwood Shetland Ponies The Greatwood Shetlands
Also joining us at the Show will be the Shetland ponies from Greatwood, a racehorse welfare charity, which educates disadvantaged children and young adults with special educational needs via interaction with rescued and rehabilitated ex-racehorses.
Josephs Amazing Racing Pigs – Sponsored by Adkin
Six rare breed pigs, ranging from Tamworths to Gloucester Old Spots to Saddlebacks to Berkshires to Oxford sandy and blacks, will fill your arena with their amusing antics.  The handlers in country style outfits encourage them down the track by shaking a bucket of food and the pigs hurl themselves over the hurdles in their rush to be the first to the bucket !
bruce-airhead Bruce Airhead – Sponsored by Sir Chips Keswick one brave man
one enormous balloon
one amazing show
Mike’s Donkeys
A working donkey is a very happy donkey indeed and these absolutely love all the fuss and attention they receive at events such as this. They are beautiful, gentle animals with wonderful temperaments and are perfectly suited to provide children with the everlasting memory of a donkey ride – they also adore being stroked and cuddled. The welfare of all their donkeys is of utmost importance to and they are inspected throughout the year by officers from the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary and have regular visits from the farrier and dentist.
Have-A-Go Events for Dogs include Agility, Recall, Splash & Fetch and the Lakeside Fun Dog ScurryFun dog scurry – sponsored by Hiscox Insurance
Lurcher and Whipet Racing - sponsored by Hiscox Insurance
Terrier Racing - sponsored by Goughs Solicitors
 Trailer rides for website Tractor & Trailer Rides – Sponsored by Nigel Cole
Take the weight off your feet and enjoy a ride around parts of the Bowood Estate that you would not normally get to see.

We will also have Punch and Judy entertaining us throughout the day, Bill Galpin’s Racing Terriers, the Wadworth Shire Horses, and the animal petting tent (sponsored by The Scott Family Charitable Trust) will all be there, along with a number of Fairground rides set up across the site and Team Pursuits. We will have Canine Safety and Hydrotherapy in our Canine Corner

And don’t forget there will be plenty of food and drink stands to keep you going throughout the day.

 Do join us for a fabulous day out,

with or without a dog!